Hands in the air for the ocean! Enjoying the breeze and sunshine during L'Arche Seattle's community vacation.

Hands in the air for the ocean! Enjoying the breeze and sunshine during L’Arche Seattle’s community vacation.

L’ArcheĀ Seattle

Community Leader: Gerry Scully
P.O. Box 22023
Seattle, WA 98122-0023
Phone: (206) 325-9434
Fax: (206) 568-0367
Email: info@larcheseattle.org
Website: www.larcheseattle.org

Founded in 1975, L’Arche Noah Sealth of Seattle is named after Chief Noah Sealth, the Native American leader whose name was given to Puget Sound’s largest city, Seattle. We are one of many L’Arche communities around the world. We provide homes for 13 people with developmental disabilities (whom we call core members) and their caregivers (whom we call assistants).

Loving, compassionate and forgiving relationships are the heart of our community. We rejoice and give thanks for every community member, knowing that each life is a unique and unrepeatable grace. We recommit ourselves to embodying our mission and pray that the spirit of that mission be constantly in our hearts, words and actions.

Our deepest desires are to live fully and in communion with one another, to love with zest and competence and to be a community attentive to the hopes, dreams, desires and needs of all our members. The blessing of the past 25 years carries us with enthusiasm and grace towards a call to greater maturity.

We seek to reveal the unique and intrinsic value of our core members. We also commit to capturing their stories, dreams, hopes and history, including those stories passed on to us by community members past and present.

Our mission calls us to be a sign of hope to the world. As we live our mandate, the community remains open to the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. All religious faiths are respected by L’Arche.