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Jean Vanier Photo by Templeton Prize/John Morrison

Jean Vanier to Receive Camphill Elizabeth Boggs Leadership Award

Jean Vanier, the internationally renowned philosopher, theologian, L’Arche founder, and advocate of intentional communities, will receive this year’s Camphill Elizabeth Boggs Leadership Award. The award honors “individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of developmental disabilities and uphold … Continue reading

The Practical Theology of Jean Vanier: Faith in a Vulnerable Community

The theology of Jean Vanier continues to be formed within intentional communities of adults with intellectual disabilities and those who share community with them. The particular daily practices of these communities reveal theological convictions about the vulnerability of humanity and … Continue reading

Jean Vanier Photo by Templeton Prize/John Morrison

Jean Vanier’s Comfort and Joy

Jean Vanier created L’Arche – a unique community for [intellectually] disabled adults – to nurture a different kind of life: one focused on connection rather than commerce. More than 50 years later, Ian Brown goes on a journey to understand how … Continue reading

The Lesson of Falling Pecans

Pecan trees bear fruit every two years, or so I was told. We have two in our front yard, which is my visual horizon during the day. When I look up from my computer, I can literally see pecan nuts … Continue reading

L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. – Called to Love

Eileen calls me to love in so many ways. -Megan Guzman, L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C.

God Chooses the Despised

“The philosophy of L’Arche is very simple. The important thing is that people who have been pushed aside and humiliated, need to be shown that they are precious.” Read the interview with 2015 Templeton Prize Laureate Jean Vanier in America … Continue reading

L’Arche Wavecrest – The Arch of Love

“We’re not any different from anyone else. We all have the same needs, the need to be loved and to feel valued.” – Cathy Acton This 2015 video made by students at Chapman University introduces viewers to members of the … Continue reading

Living L’Arche: Stories of Compassion, Love, and Disability

Listen to an interview on “Interfaith Voices” – the nation’s leading religion news magazine on public radio – with Kevin Reimer. Kevin is a friend of L’Arche, an ordained minister, a professor of developmental psychology, author, and educational consultant for … Continue reading

A Father’s Quest To Help His Severely Disabled Son: Ian Brown on NPR

Ian Brown, a writer for Toronto’s The Globe and Mail newspaper, speaks with National Public Radio’s Terry Gross about his new memoir, The Boy in the Moon, which chronicles his journey to come to terms with his son’s rare disorder. … Continue reading