International Assistants

Important information for applicants who do not currently live in the United States:

Over the years, L’Arche USA has welcomed assistants from around the world and we have valued the richness and diversity international assistants have brought our communities.

Unfortunately, it has become much more difficult to welcome international assistants due to restrictions in U.S. visa regulations and various state regulations. Most of our communities are unable to accept any international volunteers, or only a limited number. Because international applicants have a small chance of being accepted in communities in the U.S., please review these notes before investing time in the application:

  • Please be aware that international assistants are responsible for their own visa and travel costs.
  • We are not allowed to pay assistants who are in the U.S. on a volunteer visa. Those assistants receive only room, board, and reimbursement for basic expenses.
  • Assistants must be fluent in English (written and spoken).
  • Assistants must have an openness to live in an interfaith community setting and support the spiritual life of L’Arche members with and without disability.
  • Some things that might improve the chances of an international applicant being accepted: ability to drive (international drivers licenses preferred); experience with people with disabilities, social work, nursing, or a similar field.

Applicants should note that having the above qualifications does not guarantee placement with a L’Arche community in the United States. We recommend that international applicants consider serving in a L’Arche community in or near their home country or elsewhere within L’Arche International. For details, please visit L’Arche International’s web site.