L’Arche Heartland (Kansas)

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We welcome each opportunity to introduce people to the life and spirit of L’Arche. You may have an interest in working with people who have disabilities, a spiritual resonance with L’Arche’s vision of mutuality and solidarity with persons who are marginalized, a desire to immerse yourself in community, or a sense that there must be something more to life. We’re eager to hear from you! There are several ways to participate in L’Arche:

Be an assistant. Consider committing a year or more to living in a L’Arche community. To learn more about life as an assistant, please visit our Become an Assistant page.

Volunteer. You can be a friend to a local L’Arche community. To volunteer, please contact your nearest L’Arche community.

Donate. Become a partner in building a strong network of L’Arche communities across the U.S., and extending the values and vision of L’Arche in society. Please see our Donate page.

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