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How Do YOU Express Love?

Giving and receiving love is universal, but the way that you or I tend to express love is specific. I might like to use a lot of words while your expressions of love may be more nonverbal. If your primary … Continue reading

What Takes Your Breath Away?

This afternoon I went to a concert featuring 10 year old piano prodigy Jerry Chang. He took my breath away. I especially loved his Beethoven piece (Sonata # 8).  His fingers moved easily from the light legato, where the notes … Continue reading

Fundraising From the Heart (It Takes Courage!)

There are different approaches to fundraising, but fundraising from the heart trumps them all. Why? Because it involves the whole person. When your “ask” comes from the deep place that is at the center of your being, the center of all … Continue reading

The IQ of Love

With 2017 revenues of 24 billion dollars, Alibaba is one of the world’s largest internet companies. Jack Ma is its founder and Executive Chairman. At this year’s World Economic Forum, Jack spoke about the formation of young people. “To gain … Continue reading

Intellectual Disability by the Numbers

Sometimes I am asked a simple question: “How many people have an intellectual disability?” Turns out that the question is not so simple. Census results vary dramatically and there is broad consensus that there is a “hidden” population of people … Continue reading