What Takes Your Breath Away?

This afternoon I went to a concert featuring 10 year old piano prodigy Jerry Chang. He took my breath away. I especially loved his Beethoven piece (Sonata # 8).

His fingers moved easily from the light legato, where the notes are smooth and connected, to the pounding forte. His emotional expression was far beyond his young age.

After the concert I asked him why he plays the piano. He was quiet for a few seconds before he said, “I don’t know, but I guess I just like to play”. His mother told me she noticed her son could concentrate and carry a tune when he was 4 years old. His teacher Zena told me that it gave her joy to be his teacher.

He practices 1.5 hours every day after school and I am sure he is well on his way to becoming a world class concert pianist. Last summer Jerry was the third place finalist at the prestigious Kauffman International Youth Piano competition in New York City.When you surround yourself with people who notice, when you find joy in what you do, and if you concentrate and practice, you will always bring beauty and excellence into the world.

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Because it takes my breath away.


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