New Pre-Foundation Reflection Stage Group: San Francisco Bay Lumiere

San Francisco Bay Area Lumiere

Meet the group that is hoping to found L’Arche in the Bay Area of California –

The group met on February 10th with the regional leader of the west to hear more about L’Arche around the country, to continue to build community, and to ask a lot of questions about the ins and outs of L’Arche. The group is blessed to have board member Brian Berg and his family a close 2 1/2 hour drive away. The Berg’s enjoy meeting with the group when they can and share the dream of building more communities in the state of California.

When asked to share: “Why L’Arche?” The answers ranged from “a loving home for my child” to having experienced L’Arche in another country and missing it for their family.

They call themselves Lumiere and are just beginning their journey toward founding. Please hold them in your thoughts and prayers.

If you know anyone living in the Bay Area who might want to help, please connect them with Joan Winchester at