Meet Mark, George, and Louie the House Fish

George put a CD player on the kitchen counter next to a clear blue cup. Explaining the CD player, he said: “Louie likes it when I play him my music.” His friend Louie – the house fish – was in the blue cup, waiting for Mark, an assistant at L’Arche Heartland, to clean his tank. “I’m just going to keep Louis company,” George said as he assured his aquatic friend. “You’re going to like it!”

It is many small acts of kindness and service to one another, as exemplified by George and Mark, that radiate outward to build L’Arche’s impact in the world. L’Arche USA works with local communities to bring L’Arche to new people and places. In 2016, we opened our 65th home and the first in Long Island. Currently, L’Arche USA is supporting the founding of L’Arche communities in four new U.S. states.

Your support helps to build L’Arche communities, provide growth opportunities for people of all abilities, and enhance public education in the United States.

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I am amazed each day at the generosity and support offered by people like you, people who believe in the joy of simple moments in everyday life, the unique gifts of all people, and the authentic paths that are forged through our mission. Thank you for being a part of our community at L’Arche!

Very Truly Yours,

Tina Bovermann
Executive Director, L’Arche USA

In the photo above: George Utter (left) has lived in L’Arche for 23 years. He is an acclaimed artist, a NASCAR aficionado, and lover of all things technological. Mark Lepper (right) is known for making tasty donuts and playing the ukulele, and has been an assistant in L’Arche 6 years.

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