Jean Vanier to Receive Camphill Elizabeth Boggs Leadership Award

Jean Vanier, the internationally renowned philosopher, theologian, L’Arche founder, and advocate of intentional communities, will receive this year’s Camphill Elizabeth Boggs Leadership Award. The award honors “individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of developmental disabilities and uphold the ideals of Camphill.” The award will be accepted by the Deputy Director of L’Arche USA, Steven Washek, at the Camphill Foundation Annual Gala, on April 26, in New York City. Previous recipients include Andrew Solomon (2015) and the disability activist Judith Snow (2007).

Vanier is author of more than 30 books exploring the value of community and the gifts that emerge from inviting the experience of disability into our lives. Explaining the decision to award Vanier this honor, Shelley Burtt, Executive Director of Camphill Foundation, states, “The Camphill movement recognizes Jean Vanier as a kindred spirit in the effort to more fully recognize the gifts and value of those with developmental disabilities.  Jean Vanier has tirelessly defended his powerful vision of the transforming power of love for the most vulnerable among us in three decades of inspiring writing and social activism. He is an inspiration to Camphill and to all who seek to create a world more welcoming to those in need.”

Jean Vanier’s work on behalf of the vulnerable has received widespread international recognition. Most recently he was awarded the prestigious Templeton Prize which honors a “living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension.” Camphill is honored to recognize Jean Vanier’s commitment to social renewal and the ideals of Camphill with the Elizabeth Boggs Leadership Award.

About Elizabeth Boggs: Trained for a life of scientific scholarship in an era when this was unusual for women, Elizabeth Boggs’ life plans were changed by the birth of a son, David, in 1945, who experienced a major illness in infancy that led to severe developmental disability. She became a leading advocate for people with disabilities in the U.S. and served on the Boards of Camphill entities.

About Camphill: Camphill is a worldwide movement of vibrant lifesharing communities where persons with and without developmental disabilities participate in meaningful work, experience a rich artistic and cultural life, and strive together to reach their full potential. The mission of Camphill Foundation is to grow, strengthen, and safeguard the Camphill communities in North America through strategic grants and programmatic initiatives.