What L’Arche Stands For

DC Group PhotoL’Arche USA welcomes a diverse mix of human beings into its 17 communities, two projects and numerous emerging communities.  Since 1972, when L’Arche was first established in the United States, thousands of Americans and foreigners – of many nationalities, religions, intellectual capacities, social origins, political views, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and other real or perceived signs of difference – have experienced firsthand that unity, faithfulness and reconciliation are built and sustained when we befriend strangers.

In all these years, people with intellectual disabilities, who are marginalized more often than not, have taught us that our society can be truly human only if it is founded on welcome and respect for those who are most vulnerable and most in need.  Women and men who experience an intellectual disability are valuable citizens of today’s world in part because of their unique capacity to teach this simple and yet compelling lesson of compassionate love.

L’Arche in the United States stands for the unique and sacred value of every human being.  We stand for the values of welcome and respect.  We stand for relationships across seemingly insurmountable difference.  We stand for inclusion.  We stand for hope, celebration and joy.  And we stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized.  As such, L’Arche USA joins its voice to all those who oppose fear and oppression, stigmatization and exclusion, discrimination and hate here in the United States and in this world.

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