Disability Housing: Living, Supporting, and Loving Intentionally

By Micaela Connery

A leisurely conversation-filled dinner with not a single phone on the table. Religion that was welcoming and inviting (and-not-even-a-tiny-bit-divisive). Morning greetings of “Wow, looking good!” Candlelit group meditations. An offer of a ride into town, a cup of coffee, a piece of pie (literally… it was blueberry and it was dang good). People who asked “How are you?” and like really really wanted to know the answer.

Was this real life? Was I in still in America? I felt like I had entered utopia. It was like God himself had heard my yearning for a life lived more present, with better connections, and with more time spent looking into eyes than at screens. And just for me, he made a place called L’Arche.

But, L’Arche wasn’t created for me. It was created for the millions of people with disabilities around the world. In 147 communities across 35 countries, L’Arche provides housing and support services for individuals with disabilities. And I was lucky enough to be invited in for a few nights to visit…

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