L’Arche Delegates Head to Capitol Hill

capitol hill

Liz Yoder, Sarah Clemmer, and Hazel Pulliam of L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. visit the Capitol. Photo by Sarah Clemmer

On Thursday, May 28, L’Arche delegates from 11 different states will spend a day on Capitol Hill speaking with their representatives about the importance of federal policy and funding for the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, including Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and Supplemental Security Income programs.

Many adults with intellectual disabilities cannot live independently. This federal funding makes it possible for them to live and work among their neighbors, covering expenses such as support for daily living, groceries, transportation, clothing, and medical care.

How you can help:

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  • Find the L’Arche community nearest you to visit or volunteer.
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L’Arche means the ark in French, and is an international federation of communities where people with and without intellectual disabilities live, work, and pray together as peers. More than 300 representatives of L’Arche USA’s 18 communities will come together May 28-30 for a 50th anniversary celebration. Visit our home page to find out more about events that are open to the public on May 29-30.