The Spirit of Giving

Darcy WeirWhen Jamie and I first visited a L’Arche community, we went with the idea that we might do something for L’Arche. What we discovered was that L’Arche did something for us. In one afternoon we learned more about love, acceptance, inclusiveness, reciprocity, and vulnerability than we had ever learned in the “real world.” In fact, we learned the true meaning of community.

Something incredible happens when those who are the weakest among us are placed at the heart of the community. Suddenly the primacy of power, intelligence, beauty, and self-sufficiency gives way to the importance of kindness, attentiveness, honesty, and inter-dependence. We felt that it was precisely this inversion of our normal values that is so needed today in the United States.

L’Arche is not a boutique charity with high-profile telethons. We knew that our contribution would make a very real difference in enabling L’Arche to achieve its mission—it would not be lost in the vast coffers of a well-funded institution.

And there is something special about knowing that your gift is going to make a difference in this world, that it is still possible for an individual to change things for the better. So it is with the deepest joy and commitment that we have given to L’Arche.

Darcy and Jamie Weir were co-chairs of the Campaign for L’Arche USA.